The Kolstad I, a posh, tuxedo-style chair from the Kolstad series, features a meticulously crafted, wooden frame and base finished in a medium-brown stain that stabilizes the chair to perfection. Perched atop the wooden frame is perfectly padded, cream-toned seating covered in plush fabric that exhibits a diamond-tufted stitch. To complement the intricately stitched seating, the Kolstad's wooden frame is lined with brass nailhead details on the front and sides, which definitely help elevate your space. Intricate details, plush fabric and naturally finished wooden components are all reasons why the Kolstad I fits perfectly in transitional spaces. 

Dimensions: 34.0L x 32.5W x 28.3H

Kolstad I Cream Upholstered Solid Wood Frame Tuxedo Chair LS3-0013